Ok, while I have been using Staxrip for years & years & years, I am DEFINITELY no encoding guru or IT professional. I probably don't even know enough about encoding (I could never get my head around avisynth and the command lines), but the hundreds of movies I have encoded have always been good. I have recently switched from the old Staxrip to the latest x264/x265 beta ( / Beta) and I'm trying to get my head around it. I've installed it and installed the Apps that came with it (AviSynth+_r1825.exe, etc.)

After using Makemkv for an old DVD Source (.vob files), I have loaded the mkv as the source. What I'm trying to find (in the 'Filter' section) is where the limited sharpen or other sharpen tools might be? I assumed the latest Staxrip release would have come with all necessary additional filters to install, but I can't seem to find it?

Is there a good way to sharpen the encode, as being a DVD source, it's obviously too smooth / a little blurred. Not sure if dropping Deblock to -6/-6 would help to sharpen it up?

Also, it there a way to set the profile to a specific 'high' level (i.e. High 4.1, etc.)? Not necessarily for this DVD encode, but for when I'm back to encoding the usual 1080p sources.

Thanks in advance.