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  1. Hi
    why adding tags works with mp4 files but wouldn't work with mkv files ??
    is it possible at all ??

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  2. How are you trying to add tags? If you're doing it via Windows Explorer it probably can't tag MKVs. As far as I know Windows didn't support MKV "out of the box" until Windows 10, so even if you tag MKVs, Explorer probably won't display the info. Unless you install a third party utility. I'm pretty sure the Haali Media Splitter has an option to add MKV attributes to Explorer.

    Someone asked about tagging MKVs in a doom9 thread a while back. There's a few suggestions there.
    I rarely tag MKVs myself, but foobar2000 can do it (see post #19). Hopefully one day soon MP3Tag will support MKV and MKA files. It'll tag other common formats such as MP4 and FLAC, but not MKV at the moment (MP3Tag is an excellent program, in case you haven't tried it).
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  3. can u please explain further how can I add tags using Haali Media Splitter ??
    Screenshots would be really appreciated :3
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  4. I'm not sure you can add/modify MKV tags just by installing Haali. If I remember correctly it adds a shell extension so Windows Explorer can display info and thumbnails for MKVs. Something like this:
    To be honest I can't remember whether it even displays tag info or just generic information such as duration or type of video and audio etc. Without a third party shell extension though, you mightn't be able to see any info about MKVs in Explorer. That's why I asked how you're currently viewing and modifying tags for MP4s.
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  5. I just installed Haali, yet nothing changed
    Still can't tag MKVs :/
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  6. That's why I said I wasn't sure you could tag MKVs just by installing Haali.

    Asking how you're currently tagging MP4s a third times wouldn't be fun, so I'll leave you to it. The only suggestions I have are the programs mentioned in the doom9 thread I linked to anyway.
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  7. Foobar2000 did it. much thanks, man :3
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  8. Originally Posted by A700 View Post
    Why adding tags works with mp4 files but wouldn't work with mkv files ??
    Is it possible at all ??
    It is possible but not in Windows.
    You need to download the Matroska MKVmerge and write commands.
    mkvmerge.exe ... --global-tags "tags.xml"
    You write in the file tags.xml:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- <!DOCTYPE Tags SYSTEM "matroskatags.dtd"> -->
          <String>smartphone; </String>
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