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  1. I have a problem with images flickering in a video when I export them.

    Video sample link:

    The problem is only there when I have the text and logo overlay. If I export the video without them the video does not flicker...

    Thx for any help
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  2. Using premiere pro and the lower third is created in after effects

    Problem comes as soon as I have an animation on top of the images.
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  3. Appears when I export from premiere pro.

    I create the lower 3rd in AE and import it in PR add to a new video layer on top og the image. When I export the result has the flicker
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  4. Your last two don't flicker. Is there something different about the way they were handled?

    Are you working in (non-standard) 1024x768 30p square pixel at every stage?
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  5. Nothing should be different in the way they are handeled.

    And yes I am working in the crazy format all the way.

    If I animate any graphics the flickering apears.

    Tryed to create a png in photoshop and animate it in premiere pro, same problem. If I add it but not animated there is no problem
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  6. Can you upload example Premiere pro project with 1 flickering image on sequence/timeline ?

    you can save by File -> Save as copy
    and need also jpg file or other type image used
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  7. With a project this simple you can also try building it completely in After Effects.

    And to second roma-turok, you can upload the Premiere Project and we can take a look.
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  8. Did you try other export formats? e.g. AVC ? This looks related to temporal compression artifacts

    Is the flickering visible in the preview before exporting ?
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  9. He's using alternate scanning for progressive video, when he should be using zig-zag scanning. That may not have much, if anything, to do with the problem. The main problem is that the q-scale skyrockets during those flickering passages which leads me to think also that it has to do with compression problems. Notice that around the logo in the upper right, during the bad parts it's got a ton of mosquito noise around it. Either the max bitrate has to be much higher or (better) this thing has to be made more compressible.

    And since the second half has no problems at all, that says there's something different about the way the first half was handled, maybe something having to do with the pictures of the homes.
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