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    Two-part question: is there any solid (performance, not reliability) reason to use hi-end Class 10 micro-SD cards; and do the larger capacity cards (32 & 64 G) make any practical difference to battery duration?

    My guesses are 'no' & 'no'.

    btw, it looks like tablets are gonna be the price war item this coming Black Friday...

    from techrepublic:

    "EcoATM informed me: "Tablet shipments are on a steady decline and at the same time, tablet trade-ins are on the rise." 57% of tablet owners have only one tablet in their household, while 41% have 2-5 and 2% have 6 or more. The data regarding decreased tablet shipments comes from IDC (International Data Corporation) which stated: "Worldwide tablet shipments recorded a year-over-year decline for the first time since the market's inception in 2010.
    Some vendors did better than others; Apple held over 28% of the tablet market share at the end of 2014 (yet still saw a decline in shipped units) Lenovo was the only large vendor to report an increase in tablet shipments, and Amazon's tablet line was hit the hardest, hammered by an almost -70% growth level from 2013 to 2014. However, it's important to note that the Apple iPad 2 and iPad mini™ were collected more than any other tablets.

    TechCrunch agrees with ecoATM's findings, stating "tablet sales have plateaued" earlier this month, but pointing out that tablets still hold a critical edge in business.

    Intrigued by the doubling of tablet trade-ins from early 2014 to early 2015, ecoATM sought to identify what has changed in tablet owner perspectives. Data from a survey they conducted seems to indicate a disparity between initial expectations and eventual tablet usage. In fact, more than one quarter of respondents (27 percent) indicated they use their tablet less than they anticipated when initially purchased.

    The survey also points to utility as a primary reason for why tablet usage may be declining. However, equipment failure also plays a role. Of the tablets and cell phones collected, a higher percentage of tablets traded in are broken; one quarter of all tablets traded in are in non-working condition."
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    my guess is the answer to the first part is "it depends". is the tablet going to be used as a video/camera or are they going to use it to run programs that read/write to the card a lot or often? if yes to anything like that then cards with read/write speeds up to 95MB/s, if the tablet has a UHS I bus, might be important.

    i use UHS II cards in my cameras. they read/write over 200MB/s when copying files off onto my computer. in the camera they only operate at 42MB/s because of a slower bus, but the time savings on the download end are well worth the slight extra cost to me.

    the second part i haven't ever run across anything saying a faster card uses more energy. i would think it's the other way round and newer, faster chips made with smaller die sizes would use less power, but i could be wrong.
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