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  1. Hi.
    I've some documentary videos with its English subtitle that need to be translated into Arabic.
    Please recommend a subtitle software that may make things easy especially to edit and translate from English to Arabic.
    Right now I am manually translating the .srt file from English into Arabic using NotePad.exe in windows but would like to know if there is anything easier as I am still have about 6000 lines to go through.
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    Try subtitle edit,it can do auto translations but they turn out a bit funky in that they do loosely word for word matches.
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  3. Mohammad, you can use Aegisub in nearly every subtitling process (I haven't tried automated subtitles, but you should experiment with the translating assistant).
    Also, when using Aegisub, It's better to know some keyboard shortcuts in order to make things easier.
    If you need a hand, head to Aegisub's IRC.

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