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  1. I know this isn't an actual video question, but it's to do with video capture software.

    Basically, AVermedia RECentral can capture to a separate MP3 file during recording. I've been doing this since I got the Live Gamer Portable, and it works a treat. Usually, I use a USB Microsoft headset with a mic to capture my commentary.... no problems, always works.

    I also sometimes use a USB Logitech webcam as a mic, if I need to record co-op gameplay. I've only done this once, and that time it worked. It created a separate MP3 file of our commentary. However, THIS time, today... I recorded some co-op footage, and found out that it DIDN'T record a separate MP3 file.

    Everything is set up in RECentral just as it always was, with the webcam mic being selected. It still works fine with the headset. I tested the webcam mic with a separate audio recorder and it worked, so it's working fine OUTSIDE of RECentral. But no matter what I do, when the webcam is the selected mic, I get no separate MP3.

    While this isn't a HUGE problem, and I can still do it the way I used to (with a separate audio recorder and a sync method) it was just easier this way.

    Does anyone with RECentral experience have a clue??
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    I use the Avermedia RECentral software and try to record the audio separately but sometimes when I record the audio is delayed with the audio of the game. Can someone help me? I use a USB microphone chat lx3000 life.
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