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  1. Hello first time poster here, let me explain my entire scenario.
    I accidentally formatted multiple 32gb sdhc cards containing 300+ files .mov h.264 1030 30p shot on a canon 70d. I was able to retrieve all of the files from photorec but they are in an unplayable format. I am currently using Grau GmbH video repair software to try to make the files playable. The repaired video file plays fine in VLC and quicktime 10 with some white noise issues. Here is the movie inspector info of a repaired file, identical to a normal unrepaired file from my camera

    The repaired video file crashes in quicktime 7 pro and FCP 7.0.3. I have attempted the convert the repaired video file to DVCPROHD (1080p30) with mpeg streamclip but it looks like this

    What can I do? I am assuming parts of the video file are missing from the card being formatted. It is irritating because it plays perfectly fine in VLC player. I do not really care about the audio, I mainly really need the video. I got to believe there is something I can do to get the video.
    I have tried file juicer, no progress.
    I have tried to export to .mp4 from the vlc exporting wizard but it spits out a 4kb file.
    I have thrown the repaired file into AE cs6 and iMovie 7.1.4 and it still has artifacting.
    I have followed these directions on Grau GmbH FAQ also with no progress.

    tl;dr Repaired video file plays smoothly in VLC but has artifacting in FCP 7.0.3

    Thanks for your time, I appreciate any help!
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    The original video is 1979x674 ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Problem: standard video frame formats don't use odd numbers.
    Problem: height of 674 is mod-2 only. Most encoders/decoders don't like mod-2.

    Users who like QuickTime and FCP Pro will have to advise about the rest.
    - My sister Ann's brother
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  3. VLC has the ability to convert and output files. While not ideal, maybe it will get you over the hump. Test a short section.
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