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    If you can copy a file from HDD or optical disc In windows, is it safe to assume the file is all there & safe to use as a backup? Or are there some small errors that were skipped?
    So that if you kept copying a file from hdd to hdd over the years without issues, using only the previous file rather than original, would it be degrading or something & eventually the file wont work?

    Before you back up from an older HDD to new one, should a 'health chk' be done on old HDD?

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  2. When I back up important files I create a PAR2 recovery file set. With QuickPar you can verify the integrity of your backed up files, and repair the files if they become corrupted.
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  3. I have been backing up to hard drives for 20 years. Never had a problem. If it's really important stuff back up to the cloud and two different local hard drives.
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