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    I've been searching all over and cant find a suitable program. Basically I want something like AVStoDVD but for blurays.

    I want to take an MKV file (or more then one) and be able to make a custom menu with the app then burn it to disc. I dont like the ones that give you a template because I like being able to put my own background in and I like to be able to move the Title preview box around.

    The closest I have found is Sothink HD Movie Maker, but it doesnt allow me to place the boxes where I want. Also, not sure how good it is because after adding 2 movies (with file size 10gig+ each) it said the projected file output was only 11gigs.

    Any suggestions? I just got a new bluray burner and want to try it out.
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    Try TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5.

    If you are slightly masochistic, you could try the free program MultiAVCHD. It is cranky and oddly structured, but if you work with it long enough, you might be able to do what you want.
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