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  1. Hi everyone,
    First post on here so forgive me if I'm missing anything. Anyways... I have a bit of an issue that I need help with fast. I've been given a wedding video (Quicktime 64GB) which I need to burn to DVD. Typically as it will just be a plug and play DVD, in no need of authoring/menu, I would usually just drag and drop the file on to the DVD. But given that it's 64GB I can't really do that.

    So, the only DVD authoring software I have really used is Adobe Encore and I plan to use it more in the future. I was wondering if anyone knows how to compress a video inside Encore to burn to a DVD???

    Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks!!
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  2. Encore will automatically re-encode it to DVD specs if it's not compatible

    It will say "untranscoded" in the clip bin for incompatible assets, but "don't transcode" for assets that are already compatible (it will allow "pass thorough" for the latter)

    You also have to make sure you setup Encore to make a DVD correctly (e.g. PAL vs NTSC, DVD not blu-ray etc...)

    There are other things you might need to be concerned about, such as aspect ratios, frame rates/conversions etc... but it depends on the source file characteristics
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  3. Hi! Thanks for the speedy reply. So will Encore automatically make the video file smaller so it will fit onto a conventional DVD? I know the program automatically transcodes anything which is not DVD friendly but I'm wondering if that also means it will shrink the file size.

    Thanks again!

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  4. Sure. How long is your show?
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  5. Originally Posted by Boddingtonpea View Post
    68 mins at 64GB.
    You'll be fine. Let Encore take care of it.
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    Have a look for AVStoDVD, it can handle the majority of video formats and will convert to DVD ready with or without menus ... It even has a simple menu editor built in

    Its 100% FREE, no its not 'free' trialware, its has NO adware/malware and support is pretty quick and updates regular

    It also uses AviSynth so has some serious power if you want to fiddle with your video source

    This is NOT an advert for trailware that then expects you to cough up 'just $29.99 for instructions how to remove this malware loaded junk', just honest support of software that can outperform a lot of commercial software, but its free

    It fully supports LAVFilters, and HCEnc (probably the best video encoder there is ... and its free)

    There is also a 'portable' version that will let you run it without risk of screwups from installing it only to find its taken over your system, and needs a format to get it back ... unlike some

    Its also on this forum, which should mean something, and is supported by longterm members on here
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