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  1. Hello,

    I have got a lot of movies in the same format :
    Video : AVC Main@L3.1
    Audio : AAC (LC)

    I want to create a blu-ray with a simple menu without having to reencode them all
    because reencoding takes a very long time.

    Which software can I use?

    Thanks per advance for your answers.
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  2. You can give multiAVCHD a go, but if your files aren't BR compatible to begin with you'll have to reencode.
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  3. Ok, thanks
    I will give it a go

    What is precisly the compatible format for BR?
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    AAC audio isn't allowed in Blu-ray. At the very least, you'll be re-encoding that.
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  6. I succeed in encoding my videos so that multiAVCHD does not need to reencode them.

    I have started encoding with 1400kbps bitrate

    Is there a minimum bitrate for video for blu-ray disc with a 720*576 resolution?
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