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  1. Hy, newbie here. I am a total amateur at this but have found Movavi to be very easy to work with. I am creating a app tutorial on my laptop. I've got everything down and am very happy except one thing.

    I created one short clip that required no editing and noticed that the video quality was perfect. Compared to all my other clips that do require editing (titles, fades etc). I worked with a Movavi support person and got nowhere.

    I am creating the initial video (either with Mp4 or AVI as the dflt file type). Then when I edit it I save it as a MP4. One other thing the ultimate destination of my video will be for Youtube.

    If anyone knows how I can get the edited version to look as good as the unedited version I'd love to hear from you.

    Bear in mind I am a novice at this, I've had the Movavi for 2 days and the only problem I have is stated above

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  2. It's not as if the edited clips are bad, in fact before I saw a unedited clip I was happy with the end product. But I am a perfectionist and I sure would like the edited version to look as crisp as the unedited
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  3. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Are you editing with movavi?

    What export settings are you using? Be sure to use the same frame size/resolution as your screen capture and high bitrate/ highest quality settings.
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  4. Since you are a newbie.

    It's always a good thing to attach the info from MediaInfo (File -> Export -> Text) for the unedited/edited files. And/or small video clips.

    Screen captures normally drop frames when they run out of resources (CPU, disk speed) making edinting challenging. Also - as I can see is the case for Movavi - they have a player of there own. Do you see the same difference between unedited/edited versions with other players? (I never used Movavi)

    Youtube is going to convert your videos. Have you tried to upload an unedited/edited version and see if the difference exits?

    Finally - in case you don't know - Youtube has an editor of it's own.

    Since you are a perfectionist
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  5. Originally Posted by Baldrick View Post
    Are you editing with movavi?

    What export settings are you using? Be sure to use the same frame size/resolution as your screen capture and high bitrate/ highest quality settings.
    Resize method = letter box
    resize qlty = best (slow)
    frame rate = 25
    quality = medium
    profile = advanced simple
    I am capturing 1200 width and 700 height and I changed that in the settings
    however when I save i notice it says:
    project settings 1280x720 16:9
    export settings 1200x700 1.71:1 not sure why?

    fianlly when it says save project as it dflts to general video

    I could choose from dvd, hd, online, web compatiable, 3gpp, avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg-1 etc
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  6. Also when I override the dflt bitrate... it was set to something like auto

    it put 500 in the box, I changed that to 1000 and the quality was worse
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  7. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    1200x700 ? That is not any normal video resolution. Try capture in 1280x720 instead.

    Try increase the bitrate even more. 1000kbit is not much.

    What video codec did you choose? Use h264/x264 in a mp4.

    But movavi is not anything I would recommend for anyone...even if it's easy to use.
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  8. Ntice Youtube recommends a bitrate of 5 Mb/s for 1280x720 resolution.
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    You'll notice that 1280x720 are numbers that are mod-8 and mod-16 (evenly divided by 8 or 16). 700 is not mod-8 or mod-16. Most encoders/decoders work with blocks of 16x16 or 8x8 pixels. If you look at all of the frame sizes for common video formats (1920, 1440, 1080, 1280, 720, 704, 480, 352), they are all mod16.
    - My sister Ann's brother
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  10. Here is what the Movavi tech support guy told me today

    1) Use wmv as file type when doing screen capture
    2) After editing Output format: Web compatible video
    Preset: Progressive Download Video (1280x720)
    3) Settings: Video format H.264 & check Video same as input

    wmv is uncompressed as far as I know. also right after capturing the screen - you have a option to
    save or go right into edit mode. I assume it saves the unedited capture as wmv (if that's what the
    setting was the last time) when you click to go right into edit mode.

    I know some don't think i should stay with movavi, but I'm just trying to get this done and move on. Creating videos
    is not something I'm really into and I just want to finish this and get back to what I really do, which is coding for a app that I am finishing.

    I'd just like some feedback on my steps above 1-2-3. does it seem reasonable to you guys that if I follow this that my video will look pretty good on youtube when I ultimately download it.

    Also, when downloading a video to youtube - can I do it just to see how it looks and then delete it? I actually don't want to have it on youtube until a couple of months from now - but I want to make sure ahead of time that I'm satisfied with it.
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  11. my steps above 1-2-3. does it seem reasonable
    I've already told you. Doesn't matter. What matters is how it looks on Youtube since that's your end goal. (Youtube will (mis-)treat your video)

    can I do it just to see how it looks and then delete it?
    Yes. I don't know if you plan on using Moviva to upload or use Youtube. But you have have the choice of making your upload Public, Private or Unlisted.

    Make it unlisted. Test it. Delete it or make it Public.
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  12. Uploaded a few different versions to youtube. They all were pretty much identical. Then for the heck of it, I uploaded a unedited clip to youtube and used Youtube's editor. Believe it or not the quality of the clip that was edited on youtube ended up with a significantly poorer look than those that I did exclusively with Movavi. The issue is settled. I'm sticking with Movavi and I appreciate everyone's willingness to help

    case closed
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  13. case re-opened. I did discover that if I upload unedited wmv files to youtube that I get almost perfect crisp quality. I figured I could then use the youtube editor and I'd have the perfect solution. However, after spending about 1 hour with the youtube editing feature (forget about it). Very hard to work with imo, especially after learning how to do everything super fast with movavi. Compared to the movavi editor it's like comparing a 71 pinto to a rolls royce. The youtube editor sucks imo. So in the end I am definitely sticking with movavi and editing with movavi.
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  14. I recently bought Movavi to do PC to videos and have not been too impressed. Maybe it's the old "get what you pay for" but the quality drops off so badly as soon as you click "Open in Editor" a screen capture. For example ANY words from a screen capture are illegible unless they are very large.
    Granted the program is easy to navigate but unusable in my experience. I have only got a big run around from Movavi support.
    I wished that I had played with it more before I clicked "Buy".
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