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  1. Hi all, I bought a TV show from Apple iTunes about a week ago. I haven't had a chance to watch it because of its encrypted iTunes code. I had no idea it would be encrypted or else I wouldn't of bought it ($1.99). Luckily I only bought one episode. I copied it to my USB to watch it on my HDTV. But, it wouldn't play it. Took it to my laptop using both VLC and MPC they both wouldn't play it either. So I opened iTunes and it only played there. So I knew right away this was a copyright restriction.

    I tried googling for some answers, but it only showed two ways of removing the encryption. One, screen capture software. Or two, a $40-60 software you have to buy called, "Noteburner." Which I'm not willing to spend to decrypt one 500MB, 44 minute episode. Anyone here can help out with this? Perhaps someone owns a noteburner and can decrypt it for me. We can do this via dropbox to send and receive. Other than that, I see no hope except to watch it on iTunes on my laptop. Or use a HDMI to my HDTV through my laptop but, that's a mess. And not very friendly having to do this all the time. Don't know why they do this, not all of us are pirates. I also tried the screen capture method and I got bad experience at least for me. Video was laggy and the audio was muddy.

    The file format for this is M4V.
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    iTunes files will only play back on the iTunes player which is a free download and linked to your iTunes account.

    As far as the rest of your post, you should read the forum rules.
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