I am having some issues with bootcamp. I was using it for about a year. (macbook 2.1ghz core2duu 1gb ram, OS 10.5.*). Which limits to Windows xp. I had some issues booting in to windows. were 9 out of 10 times it would not boot. when it did nothing showed up wrong. I checked out all the usual stuff. But i eventualy got tired of it and deleted windows and used the bootcamp tools on the mac side to restore the hdd.

I then tried to make another bootcamp. Using the bootcamp tools i redid the partition. using a legit xp pro disc (i have tried a few times playing with the drive size between 32-60gb). It would go through and reboot. it would try and read the cd. but after a few min it would spit the disc out and reboot. Ive tried using the option key on reboot nothing. the disc does not show up. it reads fine in the OS.
Any ideas