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    Hello there I was just wondering if anyone could help me,
    I went to a music festival and made some videos off my phone.
    While everything on the video is great as the bass starts to kick in half way through in it sounds all muffled/crackled.
    I've looked all online at editing programmes but as im not good or use to this sort of thing it hasn't helped.
    I really want to share this video with friends/social media but not with the sound it produces.
    I was wondering if anyone who is good at this and will probably only take 5 minutes do me a massive favour.
    all I want is the crackling of the bass lowered down, just so its at least a little bit better.

    If anyone could help me id massively appreciate it
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  2. From your description it sounds like the AGC on your phone couldn't handle the overall volume of the music, so what you have is a signal that is simultaneously depressed and overmodulated. You can load it into something like Audacity, try to remove some of the the bass and maybe smooth over the overmodulated high end -- but I suspect there's not much to be done with it.

    Post a short sample if you want others to take a listen.
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