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    On my old Argosy media player, it has come to the point of replacing the 'wall wart' power supply, again.

    It uses a 12 volt, 2 amp supply.

    Question: Would a 4 amp or even 6 amp p.s. work as a replacement?

    (WD SMP & Dune use 1 1/2 amp ps's)

    They all show about 16-17 volts reading at the plug end, I dont know if the higher amps units under load would be higher volts, possibly frying the Argosy.

    The original p.s. I replaced a few years ago, when it began "turn on player, does not see internal hdd, turn off, & turn on again, now all is well". = new p.s. cured this. Now, 'media disconnected' when anything is turned on on the 110v circuit. 'media found' it (hdd) comes back on line in just a few seconds.

    I have several (actually a whole bunch of 'em) 'wall wart' ps's, from 200 milliamps to 6+ amps, & wondered if they would work before buying a new 2 amp unit.


    (Argosy used 'linux' <- much better than WD SMP or Dune 303d systems, I have all three, & prefer the Argosy hands down)
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    Originally Posted by cornemuse View Post
    Question: Would a 4 amp or even 6 amp p.s. work as a replacement?
    Yes. As long as it is AT LEAST 2A it will be enough.
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  3. The rating on the power supply is the max it's rated to deliver. Since your device works on a 2 Amp power supply it requires less than 2 Amps. (Though, maybe that's borderline since you've blown one out.) It won't draw any more power when connected to a 4 Amp or 6 Amp power supply. In my experience, unloaded power supplies show a few more volts than their stated output when measured with a meter. This is generally not a problem since the first thing that happens in the device is a stepdown to 5 volts or 3.3 volts for the internal components.

    Make sure the polarity of the connector is the same.
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