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  1. I had MakeMkv 1.91 working but now after a long pause when I run 1.91 it insists on installing newer version. I installed 1.95 and when I run it immediately the MakeMKVcon64.exe program crashes. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I am running on Windows 8.1.
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  2. Originally Posted by roma_turok View Post
    Can you post windows log crash of MakeMkv?
    Does MKV itself create a logfile, and where would that file be created, and what is the approximate filename?

    I'm running MakeMKV inside a virtualized environment and apparently the only record of the event in Windows Event Viewer is of the MakeMKV application hanging after the 64-bit sub application crashes.
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  3. Try it again without virtualized environment.
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    disconnect from the internet
    and try 1.91 again
    if it can't get to the web, it can't advice you to update

    then it should run normal, just as it did before there was a new version

    why do people think the PC has to be on the internet ALL the time 24/7
    i do lots of things off line

    especially my video stuff

    i get real tired of being told to update to the newest version of this or that software
    if there is a SNAG/problem ..then yeah...but not when its running good, and i don't need the latest new option
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