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  1. Hello guys, I've got a massive problem.

    I've got some MP4 movies that I bought at the local store. I want to send them to my dad through an USB, I've figured how easy that is, my dad lives in Germany, this is easy anyways, but there's one HUGE problem, he doesn't understand English and the movie is on English.
    I need a fast program if possible, I've tried the MKV thing, does make it work in 5 minutes but the file isn't Mp4 anymore so his PC can't play it.
    Tried AVC, tried VirtualDub it says that it doesn't support mp4...
    I've tried TEncoder, he doesn't know how to use GOM player or BS player to import them nor will he bother to do it, he just needs the movies with subtitles if that's possible, guys please if anyone knows a program, or perhaps a site with subtitled movies I'll be grateful forever...
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  2. What format are the subs ? Do you have the subs already ?

    If you have srt subtitles in the desired language, you can mux them into the mp4 container with yamb beta 2, or mymp4boxgui
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  3. How long does it take? Yes, the subtitles are in .SRT excuse me for not mentioning it, can you just tell me how long will it take?
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  4. Originally Posted by HappyShappy223 View Post
    How long does it take? Yes, the subtitles are in .SRT excuse me for not mentioning it, can you just tell me how long will it take?
    Less than a few minutes for an average length movie. Remuxing is fast.
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  5. Excuse me, I've never done this but.

    So,it won't lose quality a lot? ( It's a 1080p movie ) it will take let's say 10 minutes for a 1 hour 20 minutes movie? It will be mp4 after adding subtitles? If it will, dude I'll be grateful for the rest of my life!!
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  6. If you mix mp4 and srt, you still gonna need player like VLC or MPC-HC
    because Windows media player don't display SRT subtitles without plugin
    If you want reencode with permanent subtitles on video use handbrake,
    select Burn In on added subtitle:

    Click image for larger version

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    reencode will take time about 1:30-2:00 hours with you CPU
    Before reencode click on Preview to see Quality
    Preview will encode only 30sec
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  7. Remuxing will take as long as your remuxing into MKV with mkvmerge . If it took you 5 minutes then, it will take about 5 minutes with yamb beta 2 or mymp4boxgui

    Yes, tell him to download a player like VLC, MPCHC, Potplayer, etc...

    "some movies" implies more than one. You don't want to be re-encoding a few movies - not only will quality be reduced, it will take a few hours per movie
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  8. Yes of course, it will better to tell him just install the players
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  9. he's gonna play the movies through an USB on a TV..that changes stuff.. I just got off skype with him, so he's gonna play them on TV
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  10. So you can make MKV if TV support
    also if MP4 and SRT same name it can also played if TV support
    or can go safe to reencode with handbrake
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