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  1. Hi

    I am a long time user of Subtitle Workshop but I havenīt taken advantage of its fully potential.
    I have mainly used Timings-Delay and Timings-Adujst to synchronize subtitles.

    Now comes a situation I cannot really handle.
    I would like to copy and paste multiple of lines from another subtitle to fill in the blanks.
    The subtitle I am working on doesnīt match the movie which is a director's cut. So instead of just delaying the subs past the extra scenes, I would like to add the original english subs to fill in the blanks.
    The extra scenes would have english subs and the rest would be subbed with the desired language.

    Adding each line individually would be quite cumbersome....

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    I don't think you will find any automatic way to add all lines automatically...

    You could also try subtitle edit and see if you find any new features.
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  3. If I understand you correctly:

    In Subtitle Edit: Rigth click -> Insert subtitle after this line.

    If the subtitle file inserted don't have the rigth time codes, high ligth them, rigth click and select a sync method.

    I don't know for SW.
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