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  1. I just picked up a cheap used GX120, as I wanted to copy some stuff from both a Tivo and VHS onto DVD.

    I've tried it with two different brands of media and the discs are un recognised by both my desktop computer and another stand alone dvd player.

    The drive does appear to be physically burning discs, looking at the underneath of the disc you can see data has been written, but the discs show up as still being blank.

    Any ideas or have I just wasted money on a bad drive?
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    Have you burned as 'Video' Mode or 'Video Recording' Mode. ?

    Only the first is guaranteed to play in another unit (Assuming that the burn was completed/finalised)
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  3. I don't know.

    The unit didn't come with a remote control. So I have just used the record button on the front.
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    According to the manual, your Sony RDR-GX120 records in DVD+VR mode. If you are using DVD+R or DVD+R DL discs, then you need to finalize them to make then playable on other machines. DVD+RW does not require finalization.

    Downloadable manual:

    Replacement remote :

    Note that the replacement remote is not identical with the original equipment. I have no experience with the seller or the replacement remote, since I'm in the USA.
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  5. I've sorted it.

    As the above poster mentioned the problem was that the dvd recorded was leaving the session open.

    With the disc in my computer I've opened Nero 7 and used the 'close disc' function in there.

    Now I have playable discs.

    Thanks for the help
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