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  1. I ripped a few of my DVDs with DVD Decrypter and then used SubRip to extract the subs to .srt

    however, the subtitles are terribly out of sync. its random, some lines will be perfectly on time, while the next line will be too fast or too delayed. by time it gets towards the end of the DVD, the subs are like 15 seconds out of sync, badly delayed.
    its like, at first the subs are about 1-2 seconds out of sync, with some being right on time, then after a while as you get further the subs are all like 10-15 seconds out of sync. its like each subtitle line is out of whack individualy.

    is there an easy way to fix this? I ripped 16 DVDs, then the subs and then edited them (which took me days) and then I find they are badly out of sync. I really hope there is some easy way to fix the timings as they are now because I really dont want to have to re-rip using another software or something then have to painstalkingly edit them again.

    I don't see anything wrong with the DVD files, if I play the files in my player and turn the internal subs on, they are fine. isn't there some way to perhaps have all the lines in the srt be synced with the DVD's internal subs or something?
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  2. It'll be hard when its not systematically.

    Try open the idx/sub in Subtitle Edit. Perform OCR unticking "Prompt for unknown words". It should take about 5 mins. Then in SE use File -> Import time codes.
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  3. well, Subtitle Edit did a much better job. the subs are still slightly out of sync here or there, only slightly though, not anywhere near as bad as the when ripped with SubRip.

    its like... most are right on time, some are slightly ahead/late, some dont stay for full duration. kinda weird, but its more managable. I still wish I could get perfect timmings, though, but I guess now it will be more easier to deal with.

    Too bad did not know about this program before, it kept the formatting and didn't skip some short lines (didn't know SubRip skipped lines auto in the settings).

    well, thanks for your help.
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