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  1. i got a video ( of 1920x1080 resolution
    When I stream from VLC to another PC on LAN . Both use VLC of same version .
    It shows distortion at client , usually when scene changes .
    Is there any encoding which helps in streaming ?
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  2. Disable transcoding in VLC. Or don't stream, just use network shares and play the AVI directly.
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  3. i have disabled transcoding in vlc .
    Video goes as it is .
    Can you give some tips on smooth streaming ?
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    I don't think you really need a bit rate over 12000, try a lower value of around 6000 when encoding.
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  5. Originally Posted by manit123 View Post
    Can you give some tips on smooth streaming ?
    Don't stream. Simply set up a network share on one computer and play the file from that share on your other computers and devices.

    When streaming with VLC try setting the container to ASF. That might take care of your problem.

    Why are you using the MP42 codec? That's a very old experimental codec that was never in general release. Use something more modern like h.264 in an MKV or MP4 container. You'll get better quality and smaller files.
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  6. been a really long time .
    missed this thread in my e-mail . sorry .


    (1)to jagabo

    firstly , streaming is my aim here . let's say - i am demonstrating multicast streaming over a network .

    as you said to choose asf . that would mean to select 'activate transcoding' and then i can choose video-div3+mp3(asf) or video-wmv+wma . is that so ?

    also, i used an mkv file (sent on network without transcoding) having h264 mpeg4 avc part 10 and mpeg aac audio .
    still , results weren't good .

    (2) to isapc
    you said of bitrate around 6000 . can i get good resolution video at this ?
    say - i have a full hd video and i want to encode it at the rate you suggested . how should i begin ?

    thanks .
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