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    I've posted my FLV Fixer utility (that has a lot more functions) separately from The Media Utility. The help guide is in the form of a PDF and is included in the downloads. It is designed to do most of the unique things people have asked how to do in one tool. It is also made to stop at the execution so those not familiar with AVISynth or FFMpeg can see the scripts before execution and, if you are familiar, change the script to your liking.

    FIRST AND FOREMOST... I am not a programmer by trade so I alter no original files. Instead I create new files with text added to tell what they are. Just the same, practice good procedures and

    FLV Media Utility was originally built with the FLV portion only for correcting most of the downloaded FLV's that refuse to seek, play fully, re encode etc. These are usually caused by Meta Data that has been corrupted or removed, leaving only the coding with frames of audio and/or video. MOST of the time simply removing and replacing the Meta Data fixes this or, at least, leaves the video in a state that allows it to be fully converted correctly to the same or different format.

    It has grown since then into a Main Form that will:
    1. Check integrity of FLV videos
    2. Remove Meta Data
    3. Replace Meta Data
    4. Perform Media Info on the video for most needed information with Media Info CLI
    5. Extract Audio
    6. Extract Video
    7. Shift Audio/Video to resync (Can visually compare audio to video) See Picture later in Play Tab
    8. Rename Videos with Media Info in name
    9. Find old video names left coded into the video
    10. Built in Player for videos that handles most AVS files (Or use your own)
    11. Built in Windows Media Player
    12. Embed the date/time from the image. Not the Windows file data but the data from the camera
    13. Add a subtitle track to an MP4 or MKV OR Hardcode subtitles into a video (SRT/ASS at the moment)
    14. Add Log to a video in adjustable transparency including Opaque image with transparent background
    15. Create HQ GIF
    16. Find key frames
    17. Work with MP4 file date times and convert Date/Time<--> 32 bit used in file and how to change w.Hex editor

    The program is currently in 3 versions:

    1. The version with FLV and Video Editor. (Not posted at this time)
    The FLV Only will not have the CLI Form and Editor Buttons at the top
    2. FLV Fixer/Checker Only (Without Video Editor)
    3. Video Editor Only (Also with limited Image editor)

    The Complete program uses, in addition to the above Media Info:
    FFMpeg Fiilters -> TransAll, MPASource, FFMS,
    FFPlay -> Part of FFMpeg
    Dos Scripts written to perform repeated tasks such as embedding Date and time in images

    I have included these with permission from their Great Authors who are a lot more talented than I at programming. All my program does is utilize these Terrific Utilities and calls them as it is needs them. This makes it possible to add updated/better utilities when if and when they are suited.

    IMPORTANT: It also stops before execution to allow the scripts and ffmpeg strings to be viewed as a possible teaching aid for those not familiar with AVISynth and FFMpeg.

    Download the PDF help file and check it out first. This program is made to be used with FFMpeg (included) and AVISynth installed. If it looks interesting, download the utilities and try them. I will try to fix any problems or suggestions .
    Click image for larger version

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