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  1. How can i tweak the properties in a shortcut and have specific parameters run. I want to make a shortcut of a benchmark video file and then

    1. Run it with a specified player
    2. Run it fullscreen (not maximized window, true video fullscreen)
    3. Mute sound
    4. Loop endlessly, (until i manually exit software)

    This is the part i want to modify, but not being experienced enough i cant find those switches

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  2. Thanx thats promising. Can it be done with other players as well? I'm mostly interested in VLC and MPC-Hc, the zoom player image was just coincidental since it came up on the searches i was performing
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  3. I made it work with the following
    "c:\program files\zplayer\zplayer.exe" /F /vol:0 /Play
    But how can i make the shortcut key global? Cause it works if i press the key combination on desktop, but when other apps are in focus it is not listening
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