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  1. My friend sent me 300 templates that are in MOV format. The problem is that all of them are 1080 x 1920. I need them to be 720 x 1280.

    So I spent a day searching for a program that could batch change the size of the templates and still maintain the Alpha Channel to Yes.

    I tried a few and they did change the size but for whatever reason they did not maintain the Alpha Channel to Yes.

    Does anyone know of a program that can batch change the size of mov video (templates) and still maintain the alpha channel to yes?

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  2. @steveeyes - insert data from MediaInfo!!!
    ffmpeg.exe -i "" -s 720x1280 -r ??? -f mov -c:v libopenjpeg -compression_level 5 -format j2k -pix_fmt rgba -movflags faststart -metadata title="???" -metadata artist="steveeyes" -metadata date="2015" ""
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  3. Yes, you can do it with an ffmpeg batch file . You can also probably make a preset with ffqueue or tencoder (which are GUI's for ffmpeg) to do it

    The 2 most commonly MOV formats used with alpha channel are QTRLE (ie "quicktime animation codec") and PNG (which is really the same as the image format PNG) . PNG will yield smaller filesizes due to compression, but slower performance because it's more compressed

    for %%a in ("*.mov") do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -s 720x1280 -pix_fmt rgba -c:v qtrle -c:a copy ""
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  4. thanks all for your help
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