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  1. The user account control now comes up and asks me if I want to run Megui. It never used to do this. No big deal but is annoying.

    But the one I really hate is now when I go in to AVS creator and want to input a video I actually have to click on the "..." button and navigate to the file I want to add... Before I could drag n drop the fille to it and it would open for me. Any idea when field are not editable now?
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  2. Can you not disable UAC or add an exception for the new Megui? That's what firewalls are for.
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    I see no relation between the UAC and any "firewall" ...

    But I remember one of many PCs where Firefox doesn't run the update except I run it "as Administrator", and I already tried to completely delete the installation directory after uninstalling, thus installing it into a newly created directory (therefore with fresh access permission flags), and still it didn't work.

    Sometimes strange things happen in Windows, and even if you know some of the quirks related to permissions and their inheritance, there still seem to be some exceptions you can't explain easily.

    @ ZanMystic: Maybe try to install MeGUI to a directory outside of the UAC controlled %ProgramFiles% branch.
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