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  1. I have some videos with the aspect messed up (set to 16:9 should be 4:3).

    I'd like to change it, preferably without a re-encode brute force.

    Right now, I'm trying Subler for in theory can do this, at least it has options for it, but no matter what I enter or check or uncheck, I can't get it to load to 4:3...instead it's often at 4:1..I seem to only be able to switch between the profile pulldowns and not the actual controls.

    Anyone know how to use it? Is there a better program to go for? Click image for larger version

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    Originally Posted by Scav2003 View Post
    I have some videos with the aspect messed up (set to 16:9 should be 4:3).
    Perhaps try unchecking Preserver Aspect Ratio, and altering the Scaled Size, to dimensions that work with the desired aspect ratio, e.g. 960720 or 1280960.
    The Profile Level doesn't set the aspect ratio, but sets some maximum properties. Only change (lower) that if your set top player requires it AND the new value is still within the video specs. I.e. sometimes the level is needlessly high and/or too high for your playback device. 1280720 at 29,97 fps could be encoded at level 3.1, meaning level 4.1 would needlessly make the file unplayable on some devices that are not made for videos with such a high AVC level.
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  3. Nothing works!

    No setting in the subler menu will change 1280x720 to 960x720

    This leaves it at the 16x9, regardless of what it says.
    But changing the numbers and saving will cause not what I want things to happen, like the ration being set to 1:4, and THAT works. but 4:3? noooo.

    Found a PC program .., runs under wine. Try to change the ratio to one of it's presets. It gives an error message that it can only save predefined ar to predefined ar's...which predefined is what you have.

    Found another pc program here: Mpeg4Modifier It doesn't modify mp4s..

    So it's back to handbrake, but I have to disable it's automatic functions to get it to give me the output I want :/

    Thanks for the read
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