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  1. I need an Avisynth Script to convert SBS 3D videos to Anaglyph 3D, the movie's resolution is 1920x1080 if that matters, I need it for MeGUI. Everytime they provide me with the script, says invalid argument, so what im a missing here?

    c = ConvertToRGB32()
    w = c.width()/2
    h = c.height()/2
    LeftRight3DToRCAnaglyph(c).Lanczos4Resiz*e(w, h)

    After that it shows "Script Error: There is no function named 'LeftRight3DToRCAnaglyph' (ffdshow_filter_avisynth_script, line 5)
    Last edited by kairukun; 20th Jul 2015 at 05:25. Reason: Added more info about the issue!
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  2. There is no function named 'LeftRight3DToRCAnaglyph'
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  3. If you want to do it with only AviSynth's native filters:

    WhateverSource("filename.ext") # assuming two half width, side-by-side, images
    ConvertToRGB() # if necessary
    left = Crop(0, 0, width/2, height) # extract left view
    right = Crop(width/2, 0, width/2, height) #extract right view
    red = ShowRed(left) # red from left view
    green = ShowGreen(right) # green from right view
    blue = ShowBlue(right) # blue from right view
    MergeRGB(red, green, blue) # merge rgb together
    WhateverResize(width, height/2) # width is already half
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  4. Thanks it works great thank you pandy, Downloaded AviSynth3DToolbox and works, now can convert SBS 3D to Anaglyph 3D using MeGUI
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