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  1. I bought a Panasonic DMP-BDT220 (from Australia - New Zealand region) thinking that I am getting a Blu-ray player that can do NETFLIX too. But realized that since NETFLIX is newly launched in the region, older model of the players doesn't really come with NETFLIX or have the capability to add NETFLIX.

    Now I am trying to understand if there is a way to have NETFLIX in my BD player. Did a lot of google-ing around but found nothing. The craziest idea I have at the moment is to get the US firmware (which has NETFLIX I believe) and try to install it into my player. But I am worried that 1) this will not work 2) there is a chance that this may brick the thing 3) if this is really a crazy idea.

    Thus, looking to find out if anybody has experience or is wondering about the same thing.

    *on a side note: I did have the same crazy idea of changing my LG TVs firmware at one point but never tried for the same reasons *

    Thanks in advance!
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    you are running the risk of bricking your player by installing firmware not made for player.
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