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  1. Hey all, longtime user and I'm just now getting into the world of YouTube.

    1. For recording the desktop I am wondering if CamStudio is the most dependable application out there or if there is newer stuff. It's most important to me that recording of 720p desktop is fast without dropouts.

    2. Is the website in the hands of malware authors? There appears to be two entirely different sites: (which sends downloads to and I got mine from the latter.

    3. Any tips for avoiding dropouts in a CamStudio session? I've had some off-on problems with this and it seems to be associated with my disk drive thrashing after a recording (maybe a page file.. but my clips are short and I have 16 GB of RAM, so I don't know what's going on here).

    4. Any general tips for fast, *dependable* desktop recording, or for optimizing the xvid codec? I use Jawor's xvid codec and it seems to be the most reliable out of all of them. I tried using some other codecs, but they don't show up at all in CamStudio (Cedocida DV, Huffyuv, etc) or create errors or bad output (x264vfw, etc). Any other codecs I can try? I'd try the CamStudio lossless codec but it appears to be on that shady website and I don't want to execute it.
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    Try Camtasia
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