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  1. Sorry about the wrong language, here's the edit :

    Hi everyone,

    I used makemkv to save the 3D mvc stream from the orignial 3D ISO into an mkv file, along with the audio tracks I need. My media player can't handle mvc mkvs, though. But after some online research I've learned that you can reverse this process and create a 3D ISO from that mvc-mkv via TsMuxer.
    Those forum posts I found described a fairly complicated, multi-step process, though. Yet, what I did was incredibly easy. I just dragged the mvc mkv into tsmuxer, set the output format to ISO, and that's it. The ISO plays back perfectly in 3D on my media player. So my questions are:
    1) Is it really that simple? If so, then why the complicated tutorials?
    2) Is the result really a proper 3d ISO, without any limitations whatsoever? Or are there any differences to the original ISO? (apart from the missing audio and subtitle tracks, obviously)
    3) Why is the resulting ISO bigger than the mvc mkv?
    4) In your opinion, is my approach the correct one or at least reasonable (to create 3D ISOs from mvc mkvs I mean)?

    Thanks a lot for your help!
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