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  1. Hi,

    Hopefully there is someone on here that can help me solve my problem.

    Basically I have a Sony DSC-WX80 camera, which I use to take videos on. Cut a long story short, the camera's SD card became corrupt.

    I've managed to retrieve all of the data, however 13 AVCHD (.MTS) video files won’t play, and the other 100 or so work absolutely fine.

    I've tried using a limited amount of software's to try and rectify the so called problem, however none have worked (In most cases they won’t recognise the files). I've also tried converting to another file type, again unsuccessful.

    Anyhow my question is, does anyone know any specialist software that can fix these files? Better still, are there any capable people on here that can take a look and tell me my chances of fixing them. (I can provide a link to where there stored on-line upon request)

    Thank-you in advance,

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    The actual data in the files is likely missing, so there is nothing to fix. Your best bet, would be to try using a different recovery software, and try recovering the files again. As you already know the SD card was corrupted, some or all of the data in those files was affected. In most instances, this means gone.
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  3. Thanks for your advice.

    Hum, thought it might be bad news.

    So is it likely that there is no data, even if the files Ive recovered say different files sizes. For example one file says 78MB, another 278MB etc.

    I also tried recovering the files with a different software, no different, there still un-playable.

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    Some best practices for video/audio data recovery:
    1. Image the card/drive to file (on a separate drive), using multiple readers if necessary
    2. Mount the image and use multiple recovery apps to save files (onto another drive)
    3. Compare (and merge?) corresponding saves to get the "best result" save files
    4. For those "incomplete" recoveries especially, but often even for all recoveries, re-run each through apps that clean up format using proper V/A codec+container syntax/structure

    Once you've done those, you will have done the best that is possible, and anything missing is gone for good.

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