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  1. I know I can convert it to something like SRT using SupRip but I want the text formatting which isn't available on SRT files.

    I searched the net and this forum but found nothing useful which surprised me.

    Thanks a lot
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    DVD SubExtractor can save PGS as ASS/SSA, I've never used it though, so I don't know if it saves positions or anything...

    Of course you could always load an SRT into Subtitle Edit and then convert it into an SSA while adding any formatting you desire.

    PGS is just pictures, so actually converting the formatting in one to SSA would be almost impossible for the most part. You'd have to write a program to detect what the formatting actually is.
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  3. Originally Posted by mrjayviper View Post
    I want the text formatting which isn't available on SRT files.
    And for the text-based files on which you can set styles (only SSA and ASS) you'd have to do it all manually. So, you're limited to VobSubs and SUP files plus a very few other graphics-based formats to keep the formatting/positioning/size/font/colors/etc. without a whole lot of additional work.
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