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  1. Q: Can anyone get to work on Windows ?


    I have only basic knowledge of python

    I would like to assess "newer" video types like HEVC, VP9

    Bitrate viewer is a nice tool, but since the author (Konran) seems MIA, the libraries cannot get updated (and sources aren't openly available)

    So I'm looking at other methods such as described here

    Specifically I want to use , but can't get it to work, I always get this error:

    Error: Missing package 'python3-matplotlib'

    I've tried different python versions, different matplotlib versions. It's probably something stupid that I'm missing (this is for Windows OS, and I've used the windows installers)
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  2. A different approach is to use plotframes. I couldn't get to work, but this one works on windows (and OSX and linux, but I didn't verify those) and newer video formats like HEVC which bitrate viewer doesn't work on. It's commandline based
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