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  1. I preferred it that way, now the pitch stays the same & becomes really processed & awful sounding when the speed is altered.

    I don't know why this suddenly changed. I did do a CCleaner cleanup & after that I kept getting no audio on certain files types with GOM & an error message telling me a codec was missing. I reinstalled & now the audio works for everything, but as I said the processing has changed with regards to speed alteration so that the pitch is constant.

    Any help?
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  2. VLC, disable: Tools -> Preferences -> Audio -> Enable Time-Stretch Audio.
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  3. Excellent, thank you.

    I just found the setting to change it back in GOM as well. Cheers.
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  4. I have a new problem with GOM palyer: Tried to watch a movie in .mkv, it said I was missing the Dts filter. I installed it, the audio worked but was choppy & after uninstalling it, the sound is screwed up when I change the speed on all media types. The pitch becomes extremely low & distorted.

    Any thoughts?
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    How did you change GOM back to allow the pitch to change with the video speed?
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