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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm really new to DVD Authoring, and the first professional-looking program I tried out was DVDLab PRO.
    It seems promising, but there is something I just can't get right.
    I'd like to have a Text button1, like: "Play movie with original dub with subtitles" and button2, like: "Play movie with foreign dub and without subtitles", so basically I'd like every button to do 3 thing: change the audio and subtitle track and play the movie. So far I only managed to link only one thing to the buttons, and can't get this to work.

    I'd really appreciate if someone could help me with this.

    Another thing:
    I'm also planning to try out Sony's DVD Architect PRO and Adobe's Encore (I know it's not being updated anymore). Which one would you prefer?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. I know in Encore you can achieve this by having the button link to a playlist with the proper language and subtitle parameters set. While I'm not as familiar with DVDA, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't possible. DVDLab Pro probably has a way to do it as well.

    I prefer Encore -- but the mechanics of working the program are strictly a matter of personal taste. Both are excellent.

    Encore is a bit harder to get these days, but it's still doable:
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    Can't give you specific instruction for DVDLab Pro, but it works like this in pretty much every advanced authoring app I've seen (including DVDLab Pro). You just link the button to script which executes all the things you want.

    It could look something like this (for button 1, assuming audio track number 0 is the original dub):

    SetSTN(audio=0 subp=0:on)
    Plus a Jump or Link command to start playing the movie.

    And for button 2 (assuming audio track 1 is the foreign dub)

    SetSTN(audio=1 subp=0:off)
    Plus a Jump or Link command to start playing the movie.
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  4. For what it's worth: In DVDStyler the button commands would be

    BUTTON 1: audio=0;subtitle=0;jump title 1; (or s1=0;s2=64;jump title 1; )
    BUTTON 2: audio=1;subtitle=62;jump title 1;

    The value for which audio/subtitle track is to be used is held in a System Parameter Register. The 12 registers that may be modified can be referenced bv sn.

    Also note that you can't choose audio/subtitle from a VMGM menu - you need a VTS menu. In DVDStyler you can check "Create jumppads" in the projekt settings making it appears as selecting audio/subtitle from a VMGM menum is possible.
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  5. Thanks guys for the answers!
    SetSTN(audio=0 subp=0n)
    code works fine. I'm getting it right slowly.
    Another thing:
    When playing the movie with original DUB and foreign SUB, the DVD player shouldn't allow the user to turn off SUB. But other combinations are allowed.
    I guess it has to do something with VM commands as well, has anyone any suggestions?
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