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    I recommend that people who use Norton Internet Security turn off the Automatic Download Of New Version feature of the software. From my recent experience after Norton Internet Security auto updated my software to the latest version it identified many files as malware or viruses and auto removed them. It identified hundreds of files which I had to try and restore one at a time. It even deleted files from TMPGenc MPEG Smart Renderer 4 which no longer worked after the first scan. Also not all files could be restored to their original locations. Apparently Norton deleted them without logging where they were located originally. I have a separate HDD where I keep my purchased & Free downloaded software and updates and Norton scanned that drive and removed a bunch of software from that drive. What's interesting is that I had that drive blocked from scanning in the Norton software and double checked in the new version and it still was blocked. Norton apparently ignored the setting and scanned the drive anyway. Luckily I had a backup of most of the software on that drive and was able to recover most, but unfortunately not all the software that was deleted. I do backup my boot drive periodically so I was able to restore my boot drive from that backup. Just thought I should put up a warning here so that others won't have to go thought what I went through.
    Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement anti-virus software that has a Similar feature to Norton's Identity Safe. Identity Safe stores your passwords to websites so you don't have to type it in every time. I would prefer something that saves your login data locally rather than some companies server. New installs of Norton stores the data on Norton's servers. Older installs stores the data on your computer which I like better.
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    I, unwittingly, had the automatic version update unchecked, too. Fortunately, the only machine that got hit was my wife's.

    Even more fortunately, it (v22) apparently didn't have a chance to do any damage before I went back to v21.

    The rollback process was relatively painless. Use the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall the program, reboot, and install NIS-ESD-, which can be found on the net. It automatically finds how much time you have on your subscription. Now go to Settings, Updates, and turn off Automatic Download of New Version.

    Now run "Live Update" (and reboot) as many times as it takes till you're told there are no more updates. I guess the version you want is
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