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    Thank you for a fine product. I use vob2mpg pro from a program I wrote that rips DVDs, reencodes them, downloads metainfo, etc.

    I would like to make two (2) feature requests for VOB2MPG PRO; one is critical, one is a matter of spit and shine, only.

    1 - CRITICAL: Allow multiple /a=xxx on command line to determine the audio tracks and their order.

    Explanation: if you invoke WITHOUT a /a=xxx parameter, vob2mpg will occasionally produce a *.mpg that exhibits the wrong audio tracks. Even though the GUI may claim that 0x80 [English] is the DEFault, English often will not be the first, default track when played by VLC or Media Player, etc. THEREFORE, vob2mpg MUST be invoked with /a=128 in order to obtain a watchable movie (in English, in this case).

    HOWEVER, this throws out all alternate audio tracks. This behavior is unfortunate as you lose commentaries, etc.

    REQUEST: support commas and dashes in the /a parameter. Example: /a=128,130,129 will encode with those audio tracks as tracks 1, 2 and 3. Example: /a=128,130-199 will encode with English as track 1, skip 0x81, and encode the remaining tracks (however many) as tracks 2, 3, 4...

    Currently, my entire collection of DVDs, re-encoded to *.mpg files through the use of automation, are all missing the alternate, commentary tracks.

    Note: any CL parameter that takes a list of items (/c, /t, etc.) should be upgraded to allow commas for a list, dashes for ranges, and perhaps ~x to exclude only one item.

    2 - GUI ENHANCEMENT: Show correct output directory when invoked from command line.

    Explanation: when invoked from the command line with /o=D:\Movies\Something, the output field will display the output directory from the last GUI invocation instead of the directory specified on the command line.

    REQUEST: display the output directory and filename as specified on the command line. Do NOT forget the last output directory / filename from the last GUI invocation, however.

    When automating, the program will be invoked from the CL time after time, and it is alarming to see the wrong output parameters. Automation may be paused occasionally to invoke the GUI, manually, in order to examine the VIDEO_TS.IFO information. In this case, the last GUI invocation should always be remembered, e.g. D:\tmp, where a temporary encode might be stored as a staging area.

    Thanks very much for listening.

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    you're pretty much on your own. chrissyboy hasn't been answering questions or on this forum since 2012.
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