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  1. Hi,

    I've been using this app a lot a long time ago, but this problem started since a month ago. It's hard to show the open dialog, everytime I click the button it won't show up.
    I did reinstall, reinstall with factory settings, updated to latest version, but no luck.
    Anyone knows the solution? It will help me a lot, since I'm gonna use it for my project very soon, thanks!
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    Uninstall xvid4psp and then ms visual updates followed by ms visual sp1 ... reboot and reinstall xvid4psp will retrigger the ms visual c++ updates and sp1 dependencies that may have data corruption.

    And welcome to the forum alpha5254
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  3. Tried, even sometimes it still won't open, but at least after 2-3 tries it will show up. Thanks for solution, Bjs! Now I can continue my project without any worry
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