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  1. I've long been able to use Pot Player's CTRL+F5 and CTRL+F6 keys to toggle through aspect ratios of vids playing in full screen mode until now.

    Regardless of how I select "Playback/Aspect Ratio/AR" and "Playback/Aspect Ratio/Override AR" options, the player changes these settings, on its own, after my choices have been applied and OK'd. It's a mystery.

    Choosing "Cycle Aspect Ratios" by right-clicking the screen allows CTRL+F5 and CTRL+F6 toggles to function, but only in player sizes smaller than full screen. When I access this menu again, I see that "Keep Aspect Ratio (Recommended)" has changed to one of the two stretch settings while "Cycle Aspect Ratios" becomes 2.35:1 at times, Custom (4:3) at others.

    My MO is to drag video files of varying dimensions from my secondary monitor into a full-screen Pot Player on my primary. I simply want to adjust a new video's AR using only the F+5 and F+6 function keys without the bother of having to downsize, then full-screen the player to do so. This once worked splendidly. That was then.

    I'm running 32-bit PotPlayer 1.6.54549 under 64-bit Windows 8.1 with an Intel i7-3770 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750. MP4s play through NVIDIA's CUDA decoder. Here are my Aspect Ratio preferences . . .

    Playback | Playback Settings
    Default window size: Do not use
    Default window aspect ratio: Do not use (Recommended)

    Playback | Aspect Ratio
    AR Mode: Keep Aspect Ratio (Recommended)
    Override AR: Default Original DAR [this refuses to stick]
    ☐ Adjust AR to Window Size
    ☐ Enable the Selected Aspect Ratio Mode when the margin...
    ☐ Provide the specified ares...

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    Michael Linder
    Currently facing Media Crimes charges
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Upgrade to latest Potplayer first. Latest stable released today ( 1.6.54871 ).
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