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    hello guys,

    I have a serious problem with ffmpeg (zeranoe build latest version).

    Basically even if I use a command line like that one:

    ffmpeg.exe -hwaccel auto -y -i testinput.mkv -map 0:v:0 -c:v libx265 -crf 20.0 -preset veryslow -x265-params level=0:profile=undefined:pmode:no-pme:no-high-tier:ref=6:bframes=6:open-gop:keyint=250:min-keyint=25:b-adapt=2:bframe-bias=0:rc-lookahead=40:no-scenecut:b-pyramid:me=umh:subme=4:merange=57:temporal-mvp:weightp:no-weightb:max-merge=2:no-weightb:no-rect:no-amp:vbv-bufsize=0:vbv-maxrate=0:vbv-init=0.9:no-strict-cbr:qcomp=0.8:qstep=4:aq-mode=1:aq-strength=2:cutree:no-early-skip:min-cu-size=8:ctu=64:no-fast-cfb:ipratio=1.4:pbratio=1.3:cbqpoffs=0:crqpoffs=0:rd=3:psy-rd=0.5:psy-rdoq=1:no-b-intra:no-fast-intra:rdoq-level=2:no-tskip:no-tskip-fast:cu-lossless:tu-intra-depth=3:tu-inter-depth=3:strong-intra-smoothing:no-constrained-intra:nr-intra=0:nr-inter=0:qblur=0.5:cplxblur=20:signhide:sar=16 outputwaddawawd.mkv
    only the preset option are applied to the encoder, while all other -x265-params are ignored and ffmpeg warn me saying that:

    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: profile.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: pmode:no-pme:no-high-tier:ref.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: open-gop:keyint.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: no-scenecut:b-pyramid:me.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: temporal-mvp:weightp:no-weightb:max-merge.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: no-weightb:no-rect:no-amp:vbv-bufsize.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: no-strict-cbr:qcomp.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: qstep.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: cutree:no-early-skip:min-cu-size.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: no-fast-cfb:ipratio.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: no-b-intra:no-fast-intra:rdoq-level.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: no-tskip:no-tskip-fast:cu-lossless:tu-intra-depth.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: strong-intra-smoothing:no-constrained-intra:nr-intra.
    [libx265 @ 0000000005c324c0] Unknown option: signhide:sar.
    This happens even if I do not declare preset options (in this case the encoder is set with the default options of the "medium" profile).
    As I know even if I declare a preset and other parameters the preset options are overwrited with the new params I declare. So I cannot understand what's the problem.. maybe a syntax problem or what? by the way the encode works fine.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please do not cross post,one thread is enough,this thread is closed.Please continue in your other thread.
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