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  1. 1. I've searched the net and ones I've found seems to be quite old (< 2010). Can someone please suggestion something newer?

    2. I've recently installed windows8 on my spare Mac. On OS X, I've used an app called "video spec" to get the video bitrate. Is there something similar for Windows? I've search the net and nothing shows up.

    Thanks a lot for the help
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  3. For more accurate bitrate info use MPEG File Bitrate Viewer (it works on more than just MPG files). It parses the entire video stream not just the header like MediaInfo.
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  4. which mp4 muxer app to use
    Try mp4box
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  5. Some other MP4 muxers:

    ffmpeg (command line), YAMB (GUI front end to MP4Box), MP4Muxer, MKV2MP4 (will convert audio to AAC if necessary).
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