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  1. My Karaoke Player has S-Video and RCA Composite (Yellow) Video Outputs and Optical and RCA Audio Outputs (L & R) to connect the Karaoke Player to my TV. I want to play the video files (songs) on the Karaoke Player directly from my computer, and because I am unable to access the song files on the hard drive of the karaoke player, I want to capture (record) the TV output from the hard drive on the karaoke player to my windows 8.1 PC in any popular video format such as avi, mp4, mpg, etc. When searching the web I have read about devices such as Diamond VC500, Elgato Video Capture, EZcap 116, Startech SVID2USB2 and Hauppauge USB Live 2 but I am not sure which, if any, will best suit my needs. What product(s) would be best for my needs?
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