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  1. I want to capture what is going on on my screen, including the sound that is played on the computer (no external sound input, like microphone or line-in.)
    What App do I need for that on a Mac?

    - Quicktime can only capture video and record mic-in and line-in sound
    - VLC doesn't work (although it has the feature), I always get to the point with the windows that are repeated in a loop in one another, also there is no way to stop the video and just hitting quit, as recommended by tutorials, leaves me with a 0kb *ts file by VLC.

    any ideas? Freeware please.

    Thanks a lot!
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  2. obs multiplatform
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  3. Okay, I googled it. Thank you.

    Is this just install and go or do I have to know anything like compiling? It is also confusing for me, that it speaks of plugins. I want to capture videos in my browsser, that can't be downloaded with Firefox-VideoDownloadHelper-addon.
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  4. This is the download link for the Mac version. It should be an installer. How I did it on linux to produce great video of the desktop was change the frame rate of the display to 30 fps, I think Vsync was on, and the resolution to 1280x720. I don't know how to use macs so I can't help you much with that part. In OBS Multiplatform, right click in the sources box, and select display capture. Click settings, goto audio, and enable the desktop audio device. Click on output, and then the recording tab, and select custom output (ffmpeg) under type. Under container format, choose matroska. For video encoder, select huffyuv or mjpeg if you want compressed. For audio bitrate, select 320, for video bitrate, 50000. For file path or URL, select a location and make sure the name you choose for the file ends with .mkv. Now you're done with output, goto hotkeys and select your hotkeys for starting and stopping the recording, they can be the same. Now you're done with hotkeys, click on video. Set the base and scaled resolution to the same 1280x720. For the last box, select common fps values and set it to 30 and click apply on the bottom of the window. Now you are ready to exit the settings and record using your hotkeys. You probably want to disable the preview by right clicking on the main gray area and unchecking enable preview. Now hit the hotkey and it will start recording. You can trim the footage using avidemux
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