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  1. Hello,

    I ask in the Mac subforum, because the windows guides didn't help me and have other steps to be followed and other names for the menues.

    I want to make a movie of what is happening on my desktop.

    But either way the guides on the internet have another GUI or I don't get past the windows-repeating-in-the-window itself over and over again.

    I do not want to make a screenshot (picture) and I don't want to use Quicktime, because then I will have no sound.

    Somebody giving me a step by step guide?

    I have VLC 2.2.0 and Mac OS X 10.9
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    If I am following what you are asking: You want to play a video with VLC and then you want to record that video? If so, you can purchase a program called Screenflow. Or you can see if Screencastomatic will work for the length of the video you are playing. If you are streaming the movie, you could use ISkysoft Videocapture (or something like that).
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  3. NO, I don't want to capture a video that is playing in VLC. I want to capture the screen of the computer.
    Why then VLC? Because people say that VLC can capture the screen.

    I now found a way with quicktime and soundflower for free.

    You open Quicktime and select "make new screen capture" from the menue. A small window pops up with a record button. Next to it, there is a small triangle, where you can select the sound source. If you don't want to record the microphone, but the sound, that is coming out of you computer (e.g. from a webpage or something) you can install soundflower, then go to systempreferences->audio->audio-output and select "soundflower 2ch". Then close systempreferences.
    you then hit the record button and either double click for whole screen capture or you draw a frame with the mouse and hit "record" in the middle of the screen.

    Edit: if you are asking, fi I want to record what VLC is playing, because you read "the window repeating itself in itself". NO this is a failure I am describing. that occurs in VLC when doing the screen capture with VLC as screencapture device. This seems to be normal but under MS WIN there is a step after this, and the recording begins. Under Mac there is no step after this cascade of windows in itself.
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