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  1. I have some mp4 video files that have subs that cannot be seen when being played with Win Media Player, or on a television from a USB drive.
    They can be seen when played with VLC Media Player.
    How can I make them viewable when played on the television?
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  2. Perhaps attach MediaInfo (View->Text) for one that work and one that doesn't.

    MP4 is has limited support for subtitles and perhaps your TV supports ttxt but not vobsub.
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    Devices like TVs and Blu-Ray/DVD players can also be somewhat strict/quirky about the way they support certain features, too. I've seen devices that'll only support external subtitles (in a separate file), not subtitle streams muxed into a video file. And, yes, they're not likely to support too many subtitle formats.

    It probably won't hurt to mention what the manufacturer and model number of your TV, too, just in case someone's wondering what, exactly, your TV might support.

    Stupid question, perhaps, but have you tried pressing the Subtitle button on the remote while playing one of the videos in question? Some devices also don't enable subtitle display on video files by default.
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  4. Thanks folks for your responses on this question.
    But, I think that I may have not asked the right question to get the responses that I'm looking for.
    My error.

    Question 1.2:

    The subs do not show in WMP or display on the TV, but can be seen in VLCMP if subs are enabled.
    My assumption is that they are not hard coded, but are added in a different way.
    What is going on with them?

    I have just run one of the mp4 files through a video converter trying to hard code the included subs into to it.
    The original subs were deleted from the output mp4 file.

    Then, I ran the original file through the converter again, this time adding new subs to be encoded into the output file.
    The original subs were again deleted.
    The new ones were hard coded into the output file and now show in WMP and when played on the TV as well as when played on VLCMP.

    Why would the subs in the original file not display in WMP or on the TV when played there?
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    Originally Posted by videobruger View Post
    Perhaps attach MediaInfo (View->Text) for one that work and one that doesn't.
    Do this.
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  6. OK, I'm a bit new to this.
    I didn't understand what Mediainfo could do.

    I drug the 1st file into MediaInfo.
    It shows:

    1 - AVC video stream, 1 - AAC audio stream and 1 - English Timed Text stream.
    The Website for the text codec is Quicktime.
    I assume that is the problem.
    I'm not setup to deal with Quicktime except through VLCMP.
    Every time I run into a MOV file, after checking it with VLCMP, I simply convert it to an MPG format to use it.

    The hard coded file has no text stream.
    The subs are embedded into the video stream.

    If I have it right, thank you, if not correct me.

    After watching both subtitle formats, the Quicktime stream has better subs.
    How can I extract them as srt files so that I can embed them into the video stream?

    EDIT again:
    I found Yamb.
    I can pull the subtitle stream out as an srt file with it.
    Then, I can hard code them into the video stream with my video converter.
    My problem is taken care of.
    Thanks again.
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