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  1. Hi,

    when I load an mts file from my PVR and cut it and then look at the output formats, I choose Mpeg-PS Muxer, there is a button "Configure".
    When I click that there is:
    Muxing Format: SVCD, VCD, DVD, Free
    and "Allow non compliant stream"

    1. What is "free" for?
    2. "Allow non compliant stream", is that when e.g. I want to only play the stream on my Computer, but it does not have to be within the specifications for a DVD/SVCD/CD and so I would not later burn it on a DVD etc.? If my source (the mts file) has 4000kbps video and 256kbps audio and I choose free, will it be usable for a DVD later, anyway, because the bitrate was already under 9.5Mbit/s (v+a combined)?

    I mainly convert ts to ps, because I want to keep bitrate etc. untouched and only want to make it more compatible (VLC under Mac OS X 10.4 PPC plays mts from my PVR choppy, while OS 10.9 and VLC does play it nice). If I want to keep it all untouched (no picture degradation) I choose "copy" for v output and a output. This is right thinking?
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    Since no one has answered yet, I'll guess 'Free' is simply a non-compliant choice, since the other choices are format complaint for: 'DVD, VCD, SVCD'.
    If you select 'Free', then the ghosted selections below become available, IE, 'Total Muxrate, Video Muxrate and VBV size'.
    I'm also guessing that 'Allow non-compliant stream' refers to the input stream as it doesn't seem to affect the lower selections.

    Normally, the output for Mpeg-PS Muxer would be a DVD or one of the other compliant selections that you plan to burn to disc for set top playback.

    But others likely will have a better explanation for this all.
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