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  1. One of my favorite websites switched to the .f4f file format for the streaming video. It had been using the .mp4 that videodownloadhelper could record. I was thinking perhaps Icecream Screen Recorder could allow me to record streaming video from the website. I don't think I can figure out how to do the more complex methods of getting the .f4f video format captured, combined and converted. Any advice would be appreciated. I have downloaded Icecream Screen Recorder, I haven't installed it yet as I am fearful it might have some type of spyware in it. I need some advice. Thanks in advance for any advice for any help you can give me concerning this matter.

    It is the Knowledge Network website here in Canada that I like to capture video from as the wind and weather bother our satellite signal so being able to capture the video to watch at a later time was certainly nice.
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  2. I think I will give up on trying to capture the video. I have perused the thread about capturing .f4f files and it just seems to complex for me to figure out. I won't install the Icecream Screen Recorder, as there is so few comments about it here at videohelp and I just can't take the chance of spyware or viruses getting on my computer. I will miss the mysteries and such at the Knowledge Website, but I can save up some money and just buy the DVDs of the shows I am interested in.
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