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  1. I got a dvd sub and want to edit the timing and sync it with blu-ray sources?

    The problem is the bluray video may add a few minutes so there will be a different frame rate!! i tried syncing it with Subtitle Edit but it didn't solve the whole timing issue, it syncs at first but then losses after a while! is there a way to fix this???? *There is only one non-english sub to this movie in subscene.
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  3. Yes I tried all the synchronization methods, but it doesn't work perfectly.
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  4. Is there any to edit the continuous timing loss by vobsub?
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  5. with blu-ray sources?
    Doesn't it have any subs from where to get time codes?

    but then losses after a while!
    Sounds odd to me. If you tried to sync the whole subtitle the first and last should be in sync. You DO know that you can sync part of a subtitle in SE using either point- or visual- sync?
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  6. Yes it has bluray subs which i could take time codes but it is a different language, so it does not match the original lines.

    Yes i tried visual-sync, it gets better but not perfectly synced. And in point-sync i should sync every line. more than 1000 it takes alot of time.
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  7. so it does not match the original lines
    That's OK. Perform OCR on those in SE. Untick "Prompt for unknown word" (You just need time codes)

    And in point-sync i should sync every line
    No. You migth be able to sync the whole file at once. Otherwise you sync parts like perhaps 10-15 min at a time identifying identical subs and copy-paste the timecode from the BD source to the point-sync. I made the attached video for another post showing how.
    Image Attached Files
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  8. Thank you. What is BD?
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  9. What is BD
    Blu-ray Disc.
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  10. Aegisub is really easy to change the times and you can select either one or multiple lines at a time to adjust the time on.
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