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  1. I need a program which will capture still frames from .MTS .MKV .MP4 similar to VirtualDub handles .avi frame capture.

    i.e. it should allow me to scroll through the video rapidly and capture still frames to the clipboard via a keyboard shortcut. Thanks in advance to all for their help
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    Have you tried use the ffmpeg input pluing for virtualdub? You can then import many video files directly in virtualdub.

    You can install the Virtualdub AIO to get virtualdub with the ffmpeg input plugin. Or get several plugins from
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  3. Thank you Baldrick. I loaded Virtualdub AIO, and it did indeed allow me to load .mts .mkv and .mp4. It would allow me to capture still frames from MP4, however the frame capture command did not work with .mts & .mkv. The clipboard would simply be empty.

    I have tinkered with Daum Potplayer and it does allow still frame capture of nearly any video format it will load. That said I prefer Virtualdub, as I can rapidly scroll through a video and quickly copy a specific still frame to the clipboard. Thanks again!
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